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Our Responsibility

As one of the pioneers in the fabric and garment manufacturing industry, we believe that it is imperative that we work responsibly – for our employees, the industry, and the environment. We envision creating a brand that defines its success not only through revenues, turnovers, and profits but largely by its contribution towards a better world.


Empowering Female Workforce

Our total workforce comprises 70% and 60% female staff in Bangalore and Mumbai respectively. We strive to support and empower our female workforce to reach their complete professional and personal potential through comprehensive support and training.

Social Welfare

The Kalbadevi Gaiwadi Annadan Kendra, founded in 1985 by Ratilal Parmar, has provided cold drinking water to commuters for generations, it is now taken care of by the trustee Mr. Deepak Parmar.
Pal Exports established Ratilal N. Parmar Foundation Trust that aids people from marginalized and backward communities by providing financial support for their health and education.

Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our workforce are quintessential not only at an individual level but also for the company’s growth and prosperity. Each and every one of our employees has been safeguarded with health insurance policies that are funded by Pal Exports in its entirety. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we have further exponentially improved our hygiene and safety awareness where our workforce is educated about the proper usage of masks, sanitization practices, and maintaining social distance.

Skill & Training

We at Pal Exports believe that skill and training are the cornerstones of every organization. It increases the productivity and flexibility of all business services. To attain and maintain quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in an organization there is an ever-present need for unremitting up-gradation of employees through training. Our company takes a conscious interest in the training and development of its workforce as this also uplifts and empowers our employees.


Going Carbon Neutral

Natural fibers such as Organic Cotton, Hemp, Cellulose fabric & Recycled Polyester serve as the backbone of the textile industry, and climate change majorly impacts the growth and production of these natural fibers. So, it is only reasonable for the textile industry to make this global issue a priority. Hence, we plan to be carbon neutral by the year 2030. The electricity we’ll be consuming for fabric and apparel manufacturing will be solar-powered and ultimately given back to the grid. This would drastically reduce the amount of energy consumed and improve sustainability around the world.


Pal Exports is investing heavily in the research and diagnostics of Sustainable Fabrics such as Hemp, Bamboo, Milk, Lotus, Soya, Recycled Cotton, Flax/Linen, Recycled Polyester, Biodegradable polyester to name a few. The production and processing of sustainable textiles not only helps reduce the negative impacts on the environment but also supports the livelihood of millions of people, thereby creating opportunities even in the remotest part of the country.