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Pal Exports has established three garment factory units in the most prominent locations of the country – Bangalore, Vapi, and Mumbai. All three of our plants are buyer-certified with all Health and Safety norms in place. Our streamlined vertically integrated operation is the epitome of innovation in the fabric and garment manufacturing industry. Pal Exports sources only the highest quality raw materials from the fiber stage which are then processed into textiles and further integrated into garments and other products. Our high-quality products are only made possible through an immensely skilled product development team, manpower, and cutting-edge machinery. As a corporation, we reinvest in new technologies and machinery to stay ahead of the curve. We guarantee client satisfaction through seamless integration across all modes of communication with our clients so that they get what they’re looking for each time around. Our legacy speaks for itself.

Unit 1

Woven - Mumbai

• Cutting Department
• Sewing Section
• Finishing Section
• Production Capacity: 500 units/day

Unit 2

Woven - Bengaluru

• Cutting Department
• Sewing Section
• Finishing Section
• Production Capacity: 1000 units/day

Unit 3

Knit - Vapi

• Cutting Department
• Sewing Section
• Finishing Section
• Production Capacity: 700 units/day


Weaving 10,000 Meters Per Day

We have experience of over 70 years in fabric manufacturing. Our fabric manufacturing capabilities include fabrics like Poly-Cotton blends in Yarn Dyed + Plain Dyed, 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed + Plain Dyed, 100% Bamboo, 100% Recycled Polyesters, 100% Linen, and many more. These facilities are further designed to optimize material flow distance to produce 10,000 meters of fabric per day. Our textile facilities are certified with the highest industry standards. We are capable of supplying OEKO-Tex, Recycled Cotton, and various other fabrics.
Our Cutting Edge Machinery


Somet Super Excel


Sulzer PUK R1


Sulzer PUK R2


Sulzer TW11 KR1


Sulzer TW11 KP

Dyeing & Processing

Dyeing is one of the most important aspects of fabric production. The Dyeing units of our facilities impart the perfect shades of colors without fading out. The dyes used by Pal Exports are tested against the highest standards to protect the environment from any kind of pollution. We can even supply OEKO-TEX & GOTS certified fabric as per your requirements.

The processing stage of our operation comprises many individual important processes like Spotting, Padding, Scouring, Stentering, and Decadizing. Each one of these processes is meticulously executed by experts with the necessary precautions and checks.

With a weaving and processing capability above 3.5 million meters per annum across a wide fabrics’ range, the company is geared and ready to meet the ever-growing demand for quality fabrics worldwide.
Our State of the art machinery

10 Nos.

Hydro Jegger

16 Nos.

Capacity: 200kgs

Jet Dyeing

1 Nos.

30000 Meters/day


8 Chambers



The Stitching phase of the process demands immense focus and skill to deliver nothing but perfection to our clients. The amalgamation of Pal Exports’ talented workforce and high-tech sewing machinery empowers us to not compromise on quality while still being punctual with our deliveries.

Ours is a one-stop shop, delivering from concept to product for a wide range of price points of fabric and apparel. Superior technology also enables Pal Exports to manufacture over 1 million t-shirts and 600,000 shirts annually.